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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The purpose of this page is to give information needed to be able to manage Gigaset N870IP and N670IP. VTX is providing full auto configuration of SIP account + DECT Handset configuration. Only the initial pairing of Base station with the DECT Manager and Integrator are needed. Once the final open pairing button is working, all addition of new accounts and DECT phone can be done remotely.

History[edit | edit source]

  • 2023-11-02: Opening DECT registration can now be done from the Kiosk, so to add a new SIP account + DECT Handset, you can do everything remotely from the Kiosk. no need to connect on N87x Base Station configuration page. You only need to open registration from Kiosk and map the phone with default PIN 0000 (cf videos)

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Documentation[edit | edit source]

Partner Trainings[edit | edit source]

VTX does provide Partner trainings that are compulsory to follow before working with any Gigaset DECT products. Managing DECT environment is complex: adding too few antennas and you will have coverage and handover problems, adding too much antennas and the cost will go too high

Gigaset DECT Audit Tools[edit | edit source]

For complex DECT installation, is is compulsory to follow trainings and to use the Gigaset DECT Audit Kit to be able to know where to place antennas

Video Trainings[edit | edit source]

Video Training : Nx70IP - Change DECT Mode and Reset Base Station[edit | edit source]

Video Training : Nx70IP - 1st Auto Provisioning[edit | edit source]

Video Training : Nx70IP - Add SIP account and DECT Handset automatically[edit | edit source]

Video Training : Nx70IP - Change Name in Realtime[edit | edit source]

Video Training : Nx70IP - Open DECT Registration manually[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

How to auto provision a N870IP/N670IP ? - Short Version[edit | edit source]

  • Problematic: You wish to auto provision on N670IP + N870IP
  • Long Version Solution: Look at the videos above
  • Short Version Solution: Cf below
  1. Kiosk - Setup all the SIP + DECT mapping
  2. Base : Make sure that the base station is in the correct mode all in one "2 blue icons", cf 1st video
  3. Base: Reboot it to kick 1st config + Firmware Upgrade (upgrade takes ~10 minutes)
  4. 1st Pairing : Use https://gigaset-config.com/ to connect to the base station and open DECT registration the 1st time
  5. Other pairing: Future pairing can be enabled from Kiosk

How to add a new N870IP/N670IP or Gigaset Handset in the Hardware Module of the customer to allow full auto provisioning ?[edit | edit source]

  • Problematic: You would like to have N870IP / N670IP visible in https://kiosk.vtx.ch/VoIP/ManageToIP.aspx customer selfcare
  • Information: If the hardware was purchased with VTX, it is automatically added in the system
  • Solution: The hardware need to be added by VTX Sales Support Team or by VTX Partners from customer Selfcare Portal

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Provisioning Not working on really old version of stock firmware 2.36 - Not visible in https://www.gigaset-config.com/[edit | edit source]

  • Problem: Some of the stock N670IP and N870IP might come with a version 2.36 from September 2020 that is buggy
  • Impacts: Auto provisioning will not work and https://www.gigaset-config.com/ will not display it
  • Symptoms: VTX Support will see old firmware 2.36 in the provisioning logs and and attempt to force provisioning will trigger an error
  • Explanation: We can see in the changelog some fix for HTTPs secure provisioning fix "Firmware update via 2-way SSL fails"
  • Workaround: Follow procedure below
  1. Find a way to get the IP of the Base Station from the router or switch
  2. Upgrade it to last stable version https://teamwork.gigaset.com/gigawiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=1404447365
  3. Then auto provisioning will work
  • Solution: VTX has implemented a solution ( ref TA 36020 in order to automatically upgrade this old firmware to bypass the problem)

N670IP - Provisioning Failed