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Personalize your phone[edit | edit source]

BLF : How to setup BLF keys to see colleagues presence + call pickup + group login/logout + manage redirections[edit | edit source]

Kiosk - Manage IP Phone - Manage "BLF"

How to change phone ringtones[edit | edit source]

  • Information: You can change the ringtones played by the your phone for internal calls ( colleagues calling you), external calls, VPBX group calls
  • Solution: Connect on https://kiosk.vtx.ch/VoIP/ManageToIP.aspx , click the edit button on your phone and go in the Ring Tones tab to change them
  • Videos : FIXME : Add a link
Kiosk - Manage IP Phone - Change Ringtones

Phone Administration[edit | edit source]

Reset Snom phone to factory default[edit | edit source]