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Default GeoIP restriction[edit | edit source]

There are the different GeoIP restrictions on the Telephony platform:

  1. Physical phone auto provisioning (CH): is only working from Switzerland ( other location could be added on request to VTX Support Team)
  2. VTX Softphones (World) : Could be used anywhere in the world ( but you still need to allow outgoing calls if calling from abroad, cf below )
  3. Register and Incoming Calls (World): Open to the whole world
  4. Outgoing Calls (CH/Europe/World/ACLs): Billed outgoing calls are only allowed from Switzerland by default ( This setting can be changed from customer Admin Kiosk interface to open it to Europe or World or some specific IPs)
  5. Kiosk SIP Credentials (CH): Kiosk SIP account credentials are only accessible from Switzerland for security reason, no workaround available ( cf below ).

Kiosk : Allow calls from Europe / World or restrict it to ACLs[edit | edit source]

  • Information: Most of our customers are using their phone from Switzerland, so from a security point of view, it was wise to restrict by default the usage of VoIP telephony from Switzerland, but also allowing our customer to change this behavior per number or per service
  • Symptoms: Your are not able to dial an external number while using a phone abroad. You get an error saying that your restrictions or limitations do not allow you to pass this call
  • Problematic: Allow some or all phones of a service to be used in other countries, or from some IPs
  • Solution: Follow the procedure below
  1. (Change allowed Country in Kiosk): Connect to https://kiosk.vtx.ch with your VTX Service Administrator Credentials
    1. Go in section "My Services / Telephony / Call restrictions / IP Filtering"
    2. Read documentation and adapt it to fit your needs

VTX Kiosk - Outgoing Calls GeoIP Filtering
VTX Kiosk - SIP Credentials only accessible from Switzerland, no workaround

Check the country of your IP in the database[edit | edit source]

  • Problematic: You wish to verify the country location of your connection IP
  • Solution: Follow procedure below
  1. (Verify your connection country) You can verify the country of your connection IP in https://www.maxmind.com/en/locate-my-ip-address or https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip-demo

Restricted call on Tuesday morning - Wrong Country : Submit a correction[edit | edit source]

  • Information:
    • (VTX IPs always set to CH) We made sure that the "VTX" IPs will remain set in Switzerland ( reference #159010 )
    • (Maxmind GeoIP Accuracy) We are using the Maxmind Country Paid database with an accuracy of 99,8% to check from which country the call is passed, cf https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip2-country-database
  • Symptoms: On Tuesday morning, you start to have your outgoing calls now working anymore with an error "Your restriction or limitation to not allow you to call out"
  • Possible Explanation: Your connection IP did switch country because of the geoip database update
  • Problematic: You wish to submit a correction of the country of your IPs
  • Solution: Follow procedure below
  1. In case of false data, you can submit a correction in https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip-data-correction-request